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kawaiiein mantiidi

lauantai, maaliskuu 9th, 2013

 annan juotavaa sirkalle~


torstai, helmikuu 28th, 2013

meijän koulun akvaario on parhain
koska siellä on KAWAIIEIN RAPU


lauantai, helmikuu 23rd, 2013

oira on niin TYHMIÄ

olen tsundere koiriin


tiistai, helmikuu 12th, 2013

 kaikist on aina ihan hirveetä asua kerrostalo-alueilla
– kyl mäki mielummin asuisin maalla
– mut täällä on ainakin kans kivat naapurit

rupu raps

tiistai, helmikuu 12th, 2013

  olkaa kiltit hiljaa


tiistai, tammikuu 1st, 2013

 Here are our cats, Ensio and Anselmi
– Are those names from Assassin’s Creed?
– ..ah.. no..
– This is my limit when it comes to small-talk..

(Me and my friends call Assassin’s Creed Anssi, which is a finnish name, and Enzio also translates nicely into Ensio, which is also a finnish name)

seili 2

torstai, joulukuu 6th, 2012

 Am I seeing things or what the hell are those small black dots supposed to be..
– A.. A BABY!

 I made up a metaphor.
– The way how I scythe reeds is how other people live their lives
– Calm, hardworking, one bed of reeds at a time, keeping breaks, doing things right, getting praised, with proper protection gear on, whether the weather was shitty or fine, effectively..

– If I scythed the way I actually live my life..
– In a terrible panic,  a bed of reeds there, a bed of reeds here, passing half of them, completely wet and sunken into the water, once in a while I hit someone else with my scythe and cause myself bruises with it as well, sometimes I get a complete bed scythed out but I’m not really sure if I should be proud of it, I try to scythe everything at once, without protective gear, with too many breaks, ignoring all the beds completely and trying to find snails from the shore because it’s a lot more fun, eventhough the sun was shining I would still think that the weather is terrible
– I am not completely sure how could I live like I scythe
– My head cannot process all the information what I receive every day



torstai, joulukuu 6th, 2012

 Where should I go for my job-training
– I dunno

– You should have a leprosy dance

– A Dwarf Crab!!

– I always almost forget how much goddamn fun it is to be at jobtraining


sunnuntai, syyskuu 23rd, 2012

gentlemanni ja arakniidi

torstai, elokuu 9th, 2012