vulsumophilia nyt nettimyynnissä!


FINALLY, WE’RE DOING IT. An ero-guro comic done by Sulevi and yours truly…


10 € or 13 USD + shipping! (1€ for finns, 2 USD for everyone else!)
1. e-mail to with the subject “vulsu” or something like that with your address
2. I’ll let you know my Paypal, once the payment is through, I’ll send the comic the following day
3. We’re done! Whee! If you feel like letting us know what you think of our comic, it would be wonderful, since we’re not planning on putting it online at any point and thus are not able to receive feedback so easily 🙂

(Jos suomalaiset haluavat ostaa tälläisen livenä, seuraava tilaisuus on Desucon Frostbitessä, sunnuntaina.)

Let me warn you though:  our comic has sex, violence, gore, self-harm, mentally distraught people, S&M, (weird) fetishes, and plenty of other possibly upsetting subject matters. Recommended reading only for people who can handle this sort of material. We don’t care or ask your age, but we are not responsible for any issues that your parents or other authority figures might have with this comic, we are assuming you are not looking for traumatizing yourself by purchasing this :’)

For more sample-pages, see our tumblr.
See what other people think about our comic!
Two wonderful reviews have also been written of it in finnish.

Ps. thank you <3

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